Filipina Dating Scams

By avoiding these suspicious behavior scenarios when trying to meet beautiful girls online, you can easily be alerted to and avoid online dating phishing scams.

Suspicious Love Intensity

If a girl behaves very intensely, saying that you are her soul mate after a few hours of conversation, you should immediately take care. Most often they will even ask you for money at this point.

While a picture can say a thousand words, love is not usually one of them.

Thinking that you are falling in love softens your natural suspicion in relation to the person you’re chatting with.

This may seem obvious, but this simple slip has led to the downfall of many men.

Halfway There / Double-Dutch Tickets

The girl will say she needs you to pay for half the cost of her plane ticket so she can come for a visit.

This seems fair to you as you want her to come, but in reality, you are just giving the scammer money while waiting for a girl who never arrives, let alone may not even exist.

The Custom’ary Gift

She wants to show you her love by sending you a gift, but the big bad boys in customs have held it up.

Filipina Dating ScamsOh dear! What can we do!?!?

For you to receive this token of her affection, you must play the night in shining armor and pay to release it.

If this sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is ridiculous. Nonetheless, more than a few knights have bent a knee.

The Family Crisis

At times grave illnesses or accidents will suddenly strike a family member, or even worse the girl herself!

Here you were worried sick that she was just ignoring you, but how glorious it is to find she was only in the hospital and fighting for dear life.

No wonder she didn’t reply to all of your messages, it’s such a tragedy. If only you could and win back her love!

The real tragedy here is you if you believe any of this hogwash.

That poor family member probably is the one who wants a new car, and you’re going to help pay for it.

It’s crazy how much money some men give away in these situations, at times it’s in excess of $10,000.

The In-Person Payback

Maybe you can only “lend” your sweet little honey a litte bit money, and they’ll pay you back in person when you finally meet.

If you really feel something for them, why let a few dollars stand in the way of true love.

Filipina Dating ScamsThe reason, is that you’ll turn a scowled face as you walk by a homeless person on the street who actually does need money to eat, but as soon you think a pretty girl is asking, you find a hundred reasons to open your wallet.

If a girl then loses interest in you because you refuse to give them money, maybe there was really was nothing of interest to them, BUT THE MONEY!

Money Buys Love

No matter how strong you think, the link between you and your girl is, never ever send money overseas that you are not completely comfortable with throwing out the window.

And, if you’re that comfortable doing it, feel free to leave a comment with your address, so we can wait outside your window and watch it rain dolla’ bills!

I Can’t Talk, My English No Any Good

Ruh-Roh Rorge!

Another sign that you are not talking to the person you think you are is the refusal to speak on the phone.

While a few can pass the phone test, the old’ my English is not very good usually translates as I sound like a hairy man.

If they can type English, they most likely can speak it, and if they really are twenty years old, they’ll really sound twenty years old.

My Webcam is Not Working

That’s because they probably don’t have one. Why would they when they’re pretending to be someone else?

Almost every Filipina, however, has a phone, and on that phone, they most likely have WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, etc. where they chat with all their friends.

Filipina Dating ScamsDon’t be fooled by thinking you found the most backward girl in the country.

The Filipino culture lives for social media; it’s a way of life.

Since desktop computers are few and far between, most everyone uses the Internet through their phone or via internet cafes which all have (guess what) webcams!

I Prefer We Chat Via Email

Yeah, no shit! It’s so much easier for the scammer or even their boss to carefully plan what to say next when given more time to respond.

Online dating services also routinely scan chat conversations in search of scam artists, so anyone asking for money or bank details would immediately get red-flagged and their account blocked.

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