Dumaguete Girlie Bars & Nightclubs

Dumaguete is a very busy city full of entertainment. It is in the Philippines and is the center of many parties, fun and beautiful girls. Regarding this last point, we can say that they do not only go to the disco; but many like to flirt with boys before going to a nightclub.

That is to say, that you must know certain suggestions before going partying. Know each of these options to spend an incredible time.

Coco Amigos

It is a bar and restaurant with authentic Mexican style. From the facade to the interior and the furniture, Coco Amigos is a selection of all Mexican charms.

Rich and colorful details, strange Aztec figures painted on the walls, Mexican hats and festive music from South America. It serves authentic Mexican food and has a wide selection of favorite tequila.

Many beautiful Filipinas like to have some tequilas and maybe it’s your chance to get to know a cute girl and start enjoying the pleasures of Dumaguete.

Now, if you like to look at the horizon or the boulevard near the place, you can choose to sit in your patio under large white umbrellas. There, too, girls sit looking for their ideal companion. If you are one of those, look for a good book and start flirting.


Every Wednesday of the week, people gather at this bay bar to listen to their famous reggae band. Its proximity to the sea gives this place an idyllic beach atmosphere during a hot tropical summer night.

Perhaps its most unique attractions are the native tree houses facing the ocean. This is a very popular place among the Filipino girls. Many of them, attracted by the charm of this Caribbean music.

With a capacity of 15 seats and its own bar, each tree house is perfect for a small group of friends. On clear nights, you can see the distant lights of the island of Cebu or the gas lanterns flashing from the boats of the local fishermen.

You must try the specialties that Hayahay offers: grilled or grilled oysters from your aquarium. Also this type of options serve you to pepararte for the night of celebration.

Why Not Disco

It is the most popular meeting place for tourists due to its location and its amenities. It is about being the most modern hotel and restaurant in the city around 1970 to become the access point today.

It has a nightclub, several bars, a games room, a bar with karaoke and an internet cafe. There is also a deli with a wide selection of freshly baked pastries and breads, imported wine, cheese and cold meats. Because no Music Box is your only store for your restaurants and entertainment needs.

Just on the other side is the popular boulevard where you can walk or sit on the benches to enjoy the ocean at any time of the day. There are beautiful girls who are looking for boys who can invite them to spend the night and dance. Maybe it’s your lucky day.

Rizal Boulevard

Is a night walk that you should go after a good dinner at one of the restaurants across the street. This is an option for your hot nights timer.

The clean fresh air and slow walking summarize the essence of Dumaguete, where people meet, albeit with a bit of haste, they never show that embarrassment. They find time to smile at strangers, they give you space when they almost meet each other.

The important thing about this boulevard is that the most beautiful girls usually visit the boulevard first to recharge at night. So you can take advantage to make eye contact first and later in the night, meet your beautiful filipina.

Café Racer Diner

The theme of American car culture is evident in the decoration of this restaurant. There are old gasoline containers, gas drums and an old VW van parked inside.

Less of the menu is a mix of Filipino dishes like octopus balls and kwekkwek (fried quail eggs) with hot dogs and Phillyost steaks. The most recommended for drinks is draft beer flows from these tanks.

It is an ideal restaurant to make the first visual contacts and be ready for the discs.

Tiki Bar

This lively night bar offers unbridled DJs and live music. They mostly play electronic dance music, from their concert stage. You’ll find a young crowd and weekend doors.

Starting at 10 o’clock on Friday and Saturday nights there is a P100 coverage charge; This includes a free drink, so it’s basically free.

Another important detail is that many young women go to the place. Of those who like to drink, have fun and something more.

The Pub Resto-Lounge

Relax and rest in our elegant little place with excellent food options, frozen beers and the largest selection of liquors and liquors in the city or try your singing skills in one of our three large karaoke rooms in the city. upstairs.
This place is good if you’ve already got a girl. They are very impressed if you take them to this place.

Prime Bar and Nightclub

Upon entering, you will be greeted by the doorman who also serves as a ticket seller. The gate fee is php80 with the free drink the best are the rum coke and the vodka sprite.

Do not expect much of the final mixes in the drinks. Vodka is sometimes very weak, but for the price you pay, it’s hard to blame the versions below the standard.

Inside there is a square area with a low ceiling. This made the place seem smaller than it really is.

The bar is on the left, while the dj is on the right. There are several tall and very small tables. These are all free, as long as you arrive early.

They told me that inviting guest DJs every Saturday and what they played that night was excellent. The melodies are mostly remixes of the Billboard Top 100.

The crowd is a varied combination. There are places (very easy to see, as they tend to dress relaxed), old and frightening foreigners, young foreigners and university students. This place is the ideal to meet teenies and be able to link with any of them.

Dumaguete Party Notes

All these places represent the nightlife of Dumaguete, but also, those strategic places that you should consult and visit to get together with beautiful girls. It is up to you to put together a plan and find the ideal girl for your purposes.


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