Boracay Girlie Bars & Nightclubs

Boracay is a great place to meet and pick up some girls. In fact, you can have some luck and hook up with two or three girls at the same time. The important thing here is going to the right place.

There are some spots where you can have a great time and also, meet some girlie-gorgeous girls, which are pleasant and easygoing people. You can have the best night ever if you go to these clubs. You can meet pretty girls, get lucky, and flirt and score with them!


This is an open bar at Boracay. Is famous because of their party level and the gorgeous girls that go there.Known
as one of the first party bars in Boracay, Cocomangaswas founded in 1992. It is especially famous for its huge jars of cocktails that can quench the thirst of a group of decent-sized people.

The quality of the cocktails here is unmatched, and Cocomangasis also famous for its shooters and agitators, which come at reasonable prices. The dance floor fills up after midnight, this is where you can start flirting with the girls.

Boracay Star

Boracay Star Bar and Disco opened its doors in 2014. It is located at station 3 in White Beach. It is an almost unique place in Boracay for a disco. It has air conditioning.

In the festive atmosphere of the club, affordable drinks and sandwiches are offered, combining modern design with a Filipino artistic touch. A happy hour is from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the girls start arriving there.

The DJs of the house and the guests make this place full of dancers, in another relatively quiet area. There you can arrive, have a drink and make eye contact with the girls of your choice.

Summer Place

Summer Place is a lively nightclub at Station 2 in White Beach. It takes some time to get started, but summer time is filled after midnight.

Before that, you can enjoy a 50% discount on drinks available during happy hour, from 9 am to 11 am The music played at Summer Place makes it one of the most popular places to dance in Boracay.

The staff is also good, and the only drawback with the summer site is the price of the drinks and the entrance fee that they are at 200 pesos.

Nevertheless, the positive thing is that many girls go looking for adventure and fun. There they go of the most beautiful girls in Boracay, maybe you’re lucky.

Prisma Bar

El Prisma is an elegant bar and wine club located across from the Best Western Boracay Tropics Resort on Boracay Highway Central. The drinks available in this modern tropical bar are not limited to wines, as the Prisma is famous for stocking the largest collection of rum in the Philippines, so carefully crafted cocktails are also part of the beverage list.

The Prism’s world-class atmosphere makes it the preferred place for those who prefer a slightly more refined environment for a cold night in Boracay. You can warm your night with a Tequila and start to meet the most beautiful girls and change your luck.

Exit Bar

Exit Bar, opened in 2008, has a new wooden decor and a hippie atmosphere. The musical styles that are played here include the house’s latest hits, the 90’s favorite pop and rock songs and the 60’s rockabilly, which gives dancers the opportunity to show their moves.

The pleasant atmosphere of the place makes it a pleasant place to spend a relaxed afternoon chatting with friends or meeting new people around a glass.

Keep in mind that it is often difficult to find a place after midnight, because the Exit Bar is very popular. There goes especially young girls 18 years and older, for those who like something tender and juicy.

Epic Boracay

Epic is the favorite beach club in Boracay. In this quiet and romantic oceanfront restaurant. You can enjoy candle-lit dinners on the sand before it becomes a busy and torrid place to shake off your booty and party from midnight until 05:00.

It has a light show with lasers and disco balls, excellent DJs, plenty of space to dance, drinks at reasonable prices and an excellent location in front of D’mall, Epic should be your place of choice for a great night.


Since its opening in 2012, the BoracayPubCrawl is a dance club that dedicated itself to the mission of “transforming strangers into friends”. Therefore, you should go the place if you travel alone in Boracay and want to meet new people.

You will find traveling companions and tourists, in a lively atmosphere, packed by energetic music. Organized games make people mingle and the party begins.

Paraw Club

Paraw Club is a beach club established in Station 1 in White Beach. A cool place to spend a relaxing day on the beach, serves a good selection of local and international dishes, as well as excellent cocktails.

This cute place has a happy hour from 4pm to 10pm. At night, Club Paraw becomes a good outdoor disco, rocked by the house and DJ guests from abroad. Here also many beautiful girls come to enjoy the best of Boracay!

Guilly’s Island

Bar, restaurant and nightclub, Guilly’s Island is a great place behind the Paraw Club at Station 1, a few meters from White Beach.

Serving all the classic dishes of Filipino cuisine, as well as a variety of international dishes, the management and team of Guilly’s Island also know how to organize a party.

Live music and DJs take care of the musical environment, while games like “Gone in 60 Seconds” (Finish six exclusive drinks in a minute to post your photo on your wall of fame) make the place a fun place to spend the night.

Boracay Girlie Bars & Nightclubs

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