The incredible nightlife in Palawan

The island of Palawan and the other surrounding islands of the place are called the Last Frontier of Philippines, so there are no chances for you to find some places like Manila or Subic Bay, as suggested by the name.

Puerto Princesa Bars

The capital of Palawan named Puerto Princesa is supposed to share its bars and other such entertaining spots. Besides this, the entertainment for nightlife in Palawan would be provided in the hotels to the tourists. If the tourists wish for bikini bars, movie theaters and cinemas, shopping malls, etc. then they should preferably go to the capital.

There are almost six bars in Puerto Princesa; these bars can be termed as the girlie bars and there are about thirty girls found there working in the bars. The names of some of the most popular bars found there have been mentioned below:

  • Phoenix
  • Equss
  • Revival

There is no surety about the safety of these bars for the tourists; so you should first ask the locals about the security before visiting these bars and enjoying the Palawan nightlife. If you go out of the capital and look for such type of entertainment, you will just find it in the resorts. If you just want to enjoy the drinks with your friend and laugh with them at a limited place then it would surely be okay for you to enjoy the nightlife in the hotels and resorts in Palawan. This allows you to have the best of both the worlds, i.e. enjoy the natural beauty at the day time and then have an enjoyable time with friends during night.

Dining Out

You can also enjoy the nightlife over there in Palawan by dinning out in some of the recommended restaurants and other venues for delicious food. Kinabuch is one of the most recommended restaurants for the tourists and is found in the capital. There are lots of other such places for the food lovers who can enjoy the delicious foods over there.

The incredible nightlife in Palawan

Other Nightlife

Palawan is not as much famous for its nightlife as Manila, so the tourists do not find great venues for concerts, cinemas, etc. however, live and loud music can be enjoyed everywhere in Palawan and such type of restaurant or bar can easily be found over there in which DJs and other musicians are seen rocking the floor. Sometimes there are musical bands also seen performing in the bars and restaurants to make the Palawan Nightlife a bit more interesting and attractive.

Palawan Malls

The malls in Palawan are the favourite places for the people of Philippines to hang out, in spite of the fact that they are not really big as the malls in Manila and other Asian countries. There are also found cinema screens sometimes in these malls that are considered to be very nice establishments over there. You can search for different hotels in Palawan that can be the best suitable for you in every regard and let you enjoy the nightlife as well as the day time in the place.

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