Bohol bars to enjoy Bohol nightlife

Bohol Island is the 10th largest Island of Philippines. It is famous for its natural beauty, waterfalls, beaches, forests and resorts. People usually visit Bohol Philippines for all these purposes. If you search about Bohol nightlife or how does nightlife in Bohol looks like, you will probably not get a very positive result which is actually not true. Last summer I have been in Bohol Island and I found its nightlife as attractive as in another part of the Philippines. It is true that this place is not very big and has very limited number of bars and nightclub but it does not mean that we ignore and do not talk about nightlife in Bohol.

Bohol bars to enjoy Bohol nightlife

The Philippines is famous for its sex tourism. As compare to other cities, finding sex in Bohol could be a bit challenging but not impossible. That’s why tourists usually bring girls from the nearby cities or use services of the escort companies and online dating websites. If you do not want to get in trouble and still want to enjoy the nightlife in Bohol including sex with Bohol bar girls then you must enter in any bar of the Bohol.

Bohol bar girls are very friendly and know your desire, so they do not hesitate to go with you in your hotel room. The hotels in Bohol Island also do not charge extra for bringing girl or girls in your room as this disturb their business.

So where are Bohol bars from where you can pick Bohol bar girls for romance and sex? Well, as I have mentioned above, there are very limited number of bars and nightclubs are there in Bohol Philippines, so you do not need to do a lot of effort to find a girl for romance and sex. Following I am sharing the list of Bohol bars where you can approach the waitress for sex and enjoy the nightlife in Bohol easily.

Lone Star Bar & Grill

Bohol bars to enjoy Bohol nightlife

This is not just a bar but a complete restaurant which also serve food. You can hear nice music, enjoy yummy food and drinks. The music in this bar is live. You can also dance if you want but there is no dance floor or separate stage for dance available. The price of 5 bottles of beer in this bar only cost 250 Pesos which is very cheap. You can approach the bar girls there. They do not charge much or even sometimes they do not charge as they are not professional prostitutes. So, be careful and only ask for the sex if you get signals from another side too.

One 4 DA Road

Bohol bars to enjoy Bohol nightlife

This bar is located few meters away from Alona beach. This bar gets opened very early in the evening. The first floor of this bar also has a very quiet room which you can book for few hours for the sex. The music usually gets played at night. So you do not need to wait for the night to find a girl for sex in this bar. All the serving staff in this bar is consist of girls. You can flirt with them and ask for their special services.

Helmut’s Place

Bohol bars to enjoy Bohol nightlife

Helmut’s Place is a typical nightclub theme bar where you can dance, laugh, drink, and enjoy music and food. The price of the food is reasonable. Other than just sex and naughty nightlife of Bohol, this club is more has to offer you make friends and meet single local girls.

Insanity Panglao

Bohol bars to enjoy Bohol nightlife

This bar is totally fun. Reasonable price and always full with local girls. Freelance prostitutes also come to this bar in the search of the clients. So, to find the girl, get on the dance floor and start approaching different sexy girls for the sex.

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